Top 5 mobile trends every business needs to follow

Animated hands holding smartphones. Mobile trends

Mobile trends. As more and more people use mobile devices, especially smartphones, you need to have a solid but flexible mobile marketing strategy. In an age where competition is at an all-time high, you need the right tools and strategies to flourish. The days when companies could attract consumers by simply putting an ad on the local newspaper are long gone. Now you need a clear mobile marketing strategy. You also need the right people. Mobile marketing is arguably one of the best ways to attract the right audience. Yes, you read that right. You don’t need to appeal to every single person on the planet; you just need the right people. As author and marketer Seth Godin once put it “Everyone is not your customer.” After all, you can’t please everyone – no matter how remarkable your company might be. And that’s okay.

What’s the future of marketing? The truth of the matter is, we don’t know for sure. No one does. Fortunately, we can spot trends and act accordingly. One of these trends is the ever-increasing use of smartphones and other mobile devices. More people using mobile devices to search for certain products and/or services means more opportunities for companies to promote their products. It’s not hard to spot mobile trends. What’s really hard is to come up with the right strategy, to actually take action and be consistent. Taking action will make you stand out from the crowd. So, what are some of mobile trends in 2018 that companies need to be aware of? And most importantly, what can you do to implement these trends into your long-term strategy. That’s what we are about to find out.

SMS marketing

This strategy can make or break your marketing. It’s quite hard to pull it off but companies that manage to do so, gain a competitive advantage over the competition. This strategy consists in capturing users’ mobile numbers and sending them personalized offers. You cannot simply scrap mobile numbers and send them offers, tough. You first need to establish an honest and transparent relationship with potential customers. Social media and blog posts are great ways to attract the right audience. This entails producing high-quality content on a regular basis. Once you earn their trust, you can proceed to asking for their mobile number. You can do this by including a short and non-intrusive form on your website. Sending tailored and personalized offers is one of the best ways to increase conversion rate.

Location-based marketing among mobile trends

While it may sound a bit similar to SMS marketing, geolocation marketing is another efficient way to attract more customers. You may, for example, send discounts or coupons to certain users based on their location. Consumers don’t have to search for you. To the contrary – you can find them thanks to the geolocation technology, available for everyone. So, there’s no excuse as to why you can’t increase conversion rates.

Simple web and app design

Simplicity is the epitome of perfection. Many companies already have websites. Plus, they have dedicated marketing budget. So, what’s holding them back? Why aren’t they reaching their goals? Maybe their websites are too clunky. Perhaps they have not optimized for mobile users. If you belong in one of these categories,  here’s what you can do. Firstly, make your website easy to navigate and offer a smoothless user experience. Secondly, optimize your website for mobile users. If you have an app, tweak it until it offers a seamless user experience. Thirdly, never stop experimenting. Also, never forget the old adage “less is more.”

Live stream video

This is another great way to attract the right audience. There’s a reasons why so many people do live stream videos, especially on Instagram and YouTube; people like to hear people talking and doing what they love. Companies can use live streaming to spread their message, engage visitors and eventually convert them to paying customers.

Messenger bots

Last but not least, companies can use Facebook-like messenger bots to improve customer service. As soon as someone visits your website, he/she receives an automatic message. It could be a simple “Hello. Welcome to our company (name)” or “We will get back to you as soon as possible”. Messenger bots are easy to implement and very useful for your day-to-day communication with clients and potential customers alike.


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