Top 3 digital marketing trends companies should consider

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Digital marketing. In the digital world we’re living in, only the brave will thrive. Technology has changed the way people and companies interact. Has everyone got the memo? It seems so. Some companies, however, are still lagging behind when it comes to establishing a strong online presence. Why is that? We may never know for sure. Most companies already have accounts on social media, or a website. Is that enough? It depends. You may use every marketing platform under the sun(prohibitively expensive), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your company will be at the top of your game. You may have less tools and still be more successful at whatever you do. Quality and execution trump quantity and cheap talk. So, what are you going to do about it?

As more and more people are using digital platforms, it only makes sense for companies to adapt. People use apps to order taxis(think Uber), to book a room (Airbnb), to lend money to people who need it (Lending Club) and so on. These are some of the examples of the sharing economy or the ‘Thank You economy’, as the maverick entrepreneur, author and speaker Gary Vaynerchuck likes to call the increasing influence ordinary people have on how companies operate. While it’s hard to peer into the future of digital marketing, companies can spot trends and act accordingly. The faster you adapt to changes in the digital landscape, the better for your long-term goals.

As we move towards a future where everything is digital, companies need to be proactive and adapt on the go. Marketers need to be on research mode all the time. Else, they might miss out on some wonderful opportunities that technology can and will create. In a world where customers have plenty of choices, companies should do anything it takes to increase engagement and improve customer service as well. So, what does that mean for businesses that still don’t have a strategy for digital marketing? Because as crazy as it may sound, there are still a lot of companies which have yet to jump on the digital marketing bandwagon. It just means that they should come up with a clear digital marketing strategy. What about companies that already have a digital marketing strategy? Which are the three trends they need to keep a close eye on?

Influencer marketing

With the proliferation of social media and digital marketing platforms, there is plenty of room for businesses to improve. Companies should tap into disruptive technologies that are changing the world. People buy from companies they trust. Hence, businesses should strive to be authentic. Moreover, people like when real people endorse and promote a certain product. That’s where influencers come into play. Companies should pick influencers that have their best interest at heart. Furthermore, influencers can easily improve a company’s image. Influencer marketing is a powerful tool. Take your time before choosing your brand’s influencer(s).

Artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you may have heard about artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. AI is changing the world, and so is blockchain technology. Marketers and companies should take advantage of these trends. Artificial intelligence can help companies improve customer service and marketing. Blockchain technology can help businesses launch targeted ads. Moreover, blockchain technology can increase security for transactions.

Chatbots as a digital marketing trend

Used the right way, chatbots can be very useful when it comes to communicating with potential customers. Moreover, they are easy to implement.  Through chatbots you can collect user information, which helps you offer a more personalized service. Many companies use Facebook-like bots to offer relevant and personalized content to potential customers. The feedback is immediate, which is exactly what people want.

The future of digital marketing is here. Are you ready?


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