Digital marketing: here are the tools to build a successful strategy

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Digital marketing today offers a multitude of tools among which it can be very difficult to choose. To orient yourself among the many tools available you have to define the role you have within your strategy. And then measure its impact. Here are the key questions to ask yourself: – What is the main strategic objective of your site? – If you had to choose a single metric to understand the trend of your business which would you choose? – Which metrics will show you how you are acting on your first 3 business priorities? –

Distinguish the “Nice to Know” factors from the “Have to Know”. – Identify the main threat of your business. Are you already comparing yourself? Imagine having a big budget for digital activities. How do you distribute it? In which activity would you invest more?

If you do not measure, you cannot check

Today, data is as important as ever before, and never like today is at hand. But often we focus on unnecessary metrics. So, such metrics make the process of data analysis difficult and not very relevant. Also, what matters is not the data themselves but our ability to read and interpret them, in view of our goal.

Put the user at the center of your marketing efforts

The great challenge of digital marketing is the cultural change that requires marketers. Today, the focus of the marketing plan is the person, not the brand anymore. Knowing how to intercept your needs, at the top of the funnel is the real challenge. In this way, you can provide valuable content at every stage of the buyer journey, build a relationship, contribute to building the value of your brand.

Social Media

Active users on social networks are today more than 3 billion worldwide and of these 9 out of 10 access via mobile devices. We devote to social media about 2 hours each day. Needless to say, anything else to make understand the role they have in our lives, especially those of Zuckerberg. Despite the dominant role of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat,  there is a world out there. And we must be aware that the user navigates from social to social in a fluid way.

There is, therefore, no single model applicable to all companies. Everyone must build their own digital marketing strategy according to their needs, their objectives and taking into account the specific risks that may arise from daily challenges.

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