Top 5 tips to help you create a wonderful brand identity

Top 5 tips to help you create a wonderful brand identity

People use the word “brand” so often these days that it seems to have lost its original meaning. Generally speaking, when people hear the word ‘brand’ they think about a company’s logo. A brand, however, is more than just a simple logo. For Marty Nuemeier, well-known author and speaker on branding, design and innovation, a “brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization.”

People don’t just buy products; they buy feelings and emotions. How do customers feel about your company? Can they recognize your brand from the competition? Do they have a hard time identifying themselves with your brand? These are questions that most business owner grapple with.

If a brand is how people feel about a product, service or organization, then what is brand identity? Without resorting to complex definitions, brand identity includes a company’s logo, fonts, colors, packaging, etc. When you have a consistent visual presence across all channels, customers can identify your brand with great ease. What steps can you take to create an outstanding brand identity?

Take care of social media campaigns

Social media has become an indispensable part of marketing. People spend a lot of time on social media, but they don’t care about usual content; they will only consume relevant content that is remarkable. Always asses your social media campaigns and tweak along the way.

Do market research

You can create the most amazing social media campaigns, but if you don’t target the right audience, you may not have the results you thought you’d have. Hence, it is important to do a thorough market research about your audience. You can talk directly to people over the phone, create online surveys or quizzes, etc. Be on research mode for it always pays off.

Create a memorable logo

How do you recognize Apple, Coca Cola, Nike, NASA, Microsoft, Colgate and McDonalds? You might forget many things about these brands like their history, founders and so on, but you will probably never forget their logo. The logo is the one thing people never forget about brands. That’s why you ought to create a memorable logo for your brand, one that people will always remember.

Keep things simple

In an era where every company is going for the latest software or marketing trend, you should remember that customers ultimately want just one thing: find your company easily, be it online or offline. People shouldn’t have a hard time finding your website on the internet, or recognizing your logo. The mantra ‘keep it simple’ is true as ever.

Create informative videos

Creating a video may be time-consuming but it is worth the effort. It may be a short video describing your mission and vision. A video is an efficient way to describe what your company stands for, what makes it stand out from the competition. People spend a lot of their time online watching videos; just look at YouTube. Just make it sure that the video is clear, relevant and, in certain situations, entertaining.

A clear and simple brand identity goes a long way. Show people what you stand for, what makes you different. All your efforts will pay off in the long term.

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