Why content is the most important part of your website

Why content is the most important part of your website

What is the first thing you look at when you visit a website? Is it the visual aspect? Is it the content? Or is it the code? If you’re like most people, you fall in the former categories, i.e, those who glance at the visual aspect and the content. I say glance because most people do just that when they visit a website; they simply take a short look at it and if they find what they’re looking for, they might stay longer. If they don’t, they will look elsewhere.

A lot of business owners worry about making their company’s website look as cool as possible, without paying due attention to its content. True, good looks might sell. But ask yourself this: “would I stay with someone solely for her/his charming face, or for the sculpted body?” Some will certainly stay, but most people look for something more than just looks in a partner. Same goes for choosing a company among hundreds and thousands of them vying for your attention. How can a company attract customers other than by the most powerful drug ever used by humanity? The written word. You cannot sell if your message isn’t clear, no matter how fancy your website might be. Why, then, clear content is the most important thing on your website?

Good and clear content helps you clarify your message

As Donald Miller, the CEO of StoryBrand, says “If you confuse, you lose.” Scan the whole content of your website and circle all the business jargon words. If they confuse, remove or replace them with something simpler. Customers who come to your website shouldn’t burn calories in figuring out what your company is all about. Instead of saying “we help you increase your ROI and the metrics that matter” you could just say “we help you make more money”. It’s simple and it speaks directly to people.

Great content will help you have more visitors to your website

Design itself doesn’t sell. Outstanding content does. The more remarkable the content you produce, the more people will visit your website. And if your content speaks to them in simple language, they will commit to you. It’s just like a relationship; you can’t possibly ask someone to marry you if they aren’t committed to you and vice versa. People will visit your website and stay longer only if what you say is relevant to them, simple and clear.

Clear content helps you sell more

Commitment isn’t enough; you want the other person to actually say ‘yes’ to your marriage proposal. Similarly, you want people to actually click that “Buy now” button. Before people do that, however, they ask themselves “do I really trust this company?” and “how can this company help me improve my life?” If your content does help them answer these two burning questions, then you’re a step closer to selling your product or service. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a word might also be worth a thousand pictures. For how else would people still be reading The Divine Comedy, Hamlet, Don Quixote, Faust, Oliver Twist, Crime and Punishment and other great pieces of literature?

Before complaining about people not buying from you, ask yourself one question: “is the content on my website relevant, clear, simple and humane?” The rest will fall into place.

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