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This is perhaps the best time to invest in mobile marketing.  The number of people who use smartphones on a daily basis has grown exponentially over the past few years. Granted, a lot of people still browse the internet from their desktops, but that may be about to change. As more and more consumer-electronics firms are coming up with state-of-the art smartphones, many companies are trying to take advantage of this trend.  Never before have there been so many tools and methods to engage the audience. While traditional marketing channels may yield a satisfactory return on the investment, it it still prohibitively expensive for most small and medium-sized companies. Fortunately, there are a lot of other tools and strategies that produce the same results without spending too much. Mobile marketing is one of these strategies.

Nowadays, more and more people buy from the commodity of their mobile phones. So, it only makes sense for businesses to optimize their websites (if they already have one) for the ever-increasing number of mobile users. Because most of the buying process now takes places digitally, it behooves companies to have a solid mobile marketing strategy. Else, they will find it difficult to catch up with the competition. The market doesn’t care; if you don’t have a clear and solid marketing strategy, you will lag behind. Fortunately, you can choose. You can either adapt to the paradigmatic shift in the way people communicate with brands.  Or you can complain about the bad economy, the government and other external factors. It’s your choice.

Given the shift in the way people consume digital content, many companies have already built solid mobile marketing strategies. To make the most out of your overall marketing budget, you can start distributing some of your resources to the mobile realm. So, how can your company use mobile marketing to increase sales and brand recognition, reduce cost and deliver an amazing customer experience?

Deliver products and/or services on time through mobile marketing

More and more people are going for life in the fast lane. There’s so much to do, but not much time (or so it seems.) People want to get that product right where they are, when they want it. The quicker you deliver your product to the customer, the better for your brand image. Remember: marketing is mostly a battle of perceptions, not of products. Sure, having a great product is a huge plus, but it is not what makes people buy. People buy feelings associated with a certain product. If the overall experience with your company is pleasant and satisfactory, people will buy from you again and again. Apps are a great way to engage with customers and deliver your product on time. If you don’t have an app, make sure to optimize your website for mobile users.

Find the right audience for your message

If you want to find the right audience, then mobile marketing may be your best choice. One of the best way of finding your right audience is social media.  More and more people spend a lot of time on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat. Where does your target buyer spends the most time on? Is it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or another social media network? Once you know where he/she spends most of her time on, you can add simple and intuitive click-to-action (CTA) buttons to your marketing campaigns. Know thy customer. Only then can you start converting potential customers into brand advocates.

Furthermore, you can optimize email marketing for mobile users. The more mobile-friendly your email marketing strategy is, the better for your conversion and ROI (return on investment). Implement your mobile marketing strategy now; tomorrow may be too late.

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