Why outsource in the IT sector in Albania?

outsource in Albania

The IT sector (software, web development, web design, design, ect.) has significantly developed in Albania due to the internal market demands for these services. Along with markets’ demands, Albania has also developed the mentality of youngsters to study degrees such as IT communication, Information Science, Web Developing/Design, ect., courses that are not recognized by people older than 40 years old.

The increased demand for such services and IT sector has increased the interest of youngsters to study these degrees and get more knowledge about it, in order to adopt a new profession with less competitiveness in the job market.

Albania now has a highly qualified work force in this field, which is a main element why IT companies choose Albania to outsource. Other reason that has fostered companies to establish their branches in country is multilingualism among youngsters. Albanian youngsters speak at least English or Italian languages very well and that has come for two main reasons: English and Italian languages are mandatory courses in elementary and high schools throughout the country. The other reason relates to Albanians’ TV shows and movies preferences, since all Albanians are fans of English or Italian TV stations.

Another important reason why companies choose Albania to outsource relates to the low costs of operations and workforce. Albanian youngsters in IT sector may accept a job offer for a $400 monthly salary and part time jobs have even lower costs. It is not the same as hiring a freelance worker which lives in the other part of the world. Living in Albania is another reason why company owners must choose the country to cut their company’s costs. Albania offers a dynamic lifestyle for all foreigners, and a lot of new things to learn from and entertain with.

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