Updating a website: investment or cost?

Updating a website: investment or cost?

Why it is important to update a website

Updating a website is just as important as making it known on the web. The life cycle of a typical website is characterized by two phases: the construction of the site and its decline. The first phase is that of realization, characterized by enthusiasm and novelty. After putting the new site online, there is a huge interest from everyone, for the new website. In a special way, in a company, big or small, everyone gets busy to make their contribution and the site is used as a reference point for the corporate image.

Potential customers are referred to the website for informational details about products and / or services. Just as the first months of life are characterized by enthusiasm, slowly but inexorably, the company’s interest in its website decreases. This can happen if, within the company, nobody has the task to follow and update the website. Or if no resources are allocated for this activity. The problem is that potential customers will continue to visit the company website, addressed by search engines. They will find outdated content, or worse, no longer valid.  They will find products and services that are no longer active. Also, out-of-date design, obsolete technology (you can read the flash sites so badly penalized by Google)

All with serious damage to the image of the company. At this point the company decides to redo the site from scratch and the cycle starts again. Completely redesigning the website has disadvantages for the company. It is a loss of money because the investment made on the old site is completely lost. High cost, and not provided for in the annual budget, at periodic intervals.

The restyling of a website

The optimal life cycle for a company website should not be a realization – decline but realization – update.  So, restyling where the realization takes place only once, at the beginning of the cycle, and the decline, hopefully, will never happen. It is clear that in the long term, 5 – 10 years, it may be more convenient to redo the website to use new technologies. To focus on the update life cycle, you should designate a person who takes care of the management of the website if possible. Or  appoint a web agency to take care of this activity. It could be useful to plan a meeting between the web agency and the company every three or four months to discuss any changes to be made to the company website.

In conclusion, your website needs restyling. The cost of updating your website is much lower than losing existing and potential customers.

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