Every company, whether public or private, is constantly threatened by cybercrime and cyber terrorist acts: from the creation of phishing sites, the theft of personal data and identities, the introduction of viruses and malware into corporate systems.

The consequences can be very serious and can cause significant damage to a company’s business and brand. Among the main consequences of cyber Crime, which companies or public companies may find themselves having to face:

  • Loss of critical information, very important
  • Interruption of company processes
  • Significant damage to the company image
  • Damage to national and / or security infrastructures.
  • Organizations must understand the risks that cyber threats entail and focus on
  • the adoption of strategies to reduce their impact.


EVOLVE STUDIO offers next-generation services to enable IT infrastructure and business applications to comply with the highest security standards. With a deep understanding of internet security threats and a long experience in IT security, EVOLVE Studio offers services to help companies build complete solutions for cyber security. EVOLVE provides agile cyber superiority, cyber security and intelligence to combat even the most advanced attacks.

Our job is to ensure that the business IT infrastructure is equipped with the right tools and is assigned to identify, block and remove external and internal cyber threats. We operate in different areas of Cyber ​​Security, we offer cyber security protection services. We help you secure all computer equipment from sophisticated attacks, through solutions and services based on technological innovation and excellent professionalism.


  • EVOVLE can help you define solutions and implement cyber security solutions that are best suited to your business
  • Our great expertise, accompanied with our catalog of services (Advisory and Managed) gives your company the opportunity to make rapid and tangible progress in the development of a Business-Driven Security strategy.
  • EVOLVE’s SOC and NOC structures are synergistic functions in sharing tools and objectives to guarantee network security and availability, offering a service able to meet your needs in a flexible manner in terms and times (Outsourcing, Co-Sourcing). ).
  • Our team of experienced and highly skilled industry professionals will be ready to help you.


Thanks to a consolidated experience over the years, we have developed a series of services that provide excellent defense against a high number of cyber threats and support for the identification and mitigation of threats



In order to improve the quality of the analysis and support the IT department, EVOLVE proposes itself as a partner able to offer MSS services. This is a systemic approach to respond to the need to keep companies safe. Our focus is on monitoring and support / addressing remediation activities:



The Penetration Test identifies security issues, simulating the methods of attack used by natural persons (cyber criminals) or by malware in order to compromise the Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity of data and / or business systems.

EVOLVE carries out the various activities following the main methodologies and compliance rules currently adopted at international level:


– OWASP (OpenWeb Application Security Project) Testing Guide

– NIST Techincal Guide to Information Security Testing and Assessment

– SANS Common Weakness Enumeration

– OWASP Top 10

– Web Application Security Consortium guidelines

– ISO / IEC 27001: 2005 of which some team members are certified “Lead Auditor”


We analyze different perimeters, both networks and web applications, to assess their level of security and prioritize the resolution of any vulnerability.



We offer 360-degree support for troubleshooting and data recovery after a Crypto Ransomware infection. This is possible thanks to our many years of experience in solving problems from this type of attack.

Crypto Ransomware is a type of malicious software that prevents the victim from accessing their data until a ransom is paid. A simple ransomware could block the victim’s system, but it can simply be unlocked by an expert. Instead, more advanced infections use a technique called “cryptoviral extortion”, which encrypts the victim’s files, making them inaccessible.

Our team is able to support you in both cases.


The Secure Code Review is a testing process aimed at identifying and correcting security errors of the source code of software and applications and correcting errors that may have been committed during development.

The Secure Code Review process allows: prevention of SQL Injection; prevention of Cross-Site Scripting (XSS); prevention of other types of Injection (LDAP, OS Injection, XPATH Injection, Mitigation Log Injection, etc.); prevention of Buffer Overflow; application session control; securing the authentication and authorization system; Cross-site request forger prevention (CSFR); Clickjacking prevention; implementation of a security-oriented error log and management system; adoption of libraries / classes for security management.



In the case of an IT security incident, it is possible to request the intervention of one or more specialists in order to verify the degree of compromise and assist the client in the most effective mitigation and resolution of the problem.

We monitor the customer’s network and the correlations of the logs / alarms coming from these. The SOC is able to generate / manage preventive alarms according to the interpretation of the alert information it receives from its systems, identifying any fault of one or more network components, tracing anomalous and dangerous activities from the point of view of security.



The Security Tutor service offers an external figure specialized in the analysis of security and has the objective of identifying, correlating and analyzing vulnerabilities in business processes and organizational problems in order to highlight possible critical issues.

This consultancy aims to assist both the management and the technical departments in taking the necessary actions and measures to strengthen their defenses.

We can also take personalized training courses to prevent IT and physical intrusion, data loss or industrial espionage. This is an activity aimed at identifying the greatest number of vulnerabilities present in the various corporate IT assets. During this type of process, the presence of problems is detected without carrying out any type of attack or system violation; detection is performed exclusively through system analysis, service enumeration and verification of published vulnerability databases.



Business continuity includes a plan and a preparation that ensures that the company can continue its activities in the event of serious incidents. This plan also gives the possibility to re-establish a good level of operation in a short time.

We help your company restore servers or mainframes with backups, creating local connectivity areas, to immediately continue with all activities.

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